Hawaii Girls Court  -Our Mission & Program Values

Our Mission & Program Values

"Our Mission is to clarify, facilitate and enhance the Family Court of the First Circuit’s commitment to gender-responsive services for young women."

Program Values

The folllowing items outline the foundation upon which we base our decision making and actions:

  1. Honoring the Female Experience: We acknowledge that gender makes a difference. We structure our program to address the unique needs of girls, and maintain respect for the dignity of each individual we serve. We create an environment where girls receive services while feeling physically and emotionally safe. The services are individualized as one size does not fit all.
  2. Maintaining Ethical Standards: We believe high ethical standards must govern our behavior. This is the foundation of trust between staff, the girls, and the community we serve.
  3. Nurturing Strengths: We acknowledge the unique strengths that live within all of us. We work to identify and nurture them in each of our girls. We believe in focusing on and building upon strengths, rather than weaknesses.
  4. Instilling Hope: We believe that hope is the spirit that keeps us going. We are committed to transcending the despair too often found, into hope. We instill a sense that what we do really matters and makes a difference.
  5. Building Relationships: We acknowledge that relationships are central in girl’s lives and that healthy connections are essential to their mental health and well-being.
  6. Connecting With Community: We provide service opportunities for girls to foster positive community involvement while instilling value on helping others. In turn, the community has an opportunity to receive and view our girls as contributing members of society who are expanding their potential and personal growth.
  7. Healing: We understand that girl’s pathway into the justice system often begins with victimization which results in experiences and coping methods that profoundly affect her functioning and self-image. We are committed to validating her feelings and helping to heal the hurt.
  8. Competency Development: We support and provide opportunity and access for girls in developing educational and/or vocational endeavors to empower them to create a sustainable future. We provide activities that introduce girls to various experiences, people, and opinions to assist them in identifying their own beliefs, goals, and potential.
  9. Accountability: We believe experiencing meaningful and appropriate sanctions for legal violations and personal misconduct will increase a sense of responsibility and will decrease recidivism. Sanctions are fair, graduated, and individualized. Fairness means individual treatment based on needs, rather than the same treatment for all.
  10. Adopting a Holistic View: We address the whole girl in the context within which she lives and the influences that shape her life. This involves examining her physical, emotional/mental health, educational, and cultural domains.