Services & Partnering Agencies

Our thanks to the Judges, administrators, supervisors, and probation officers of the Family Court of the First Circuit who have expressed their faith in Girls Court and assisted us as we develop this gender-specific approach to juvenile justice in Hawai`i.

Through interagency and interdisciplinary collaborations, Girls Court provides a comprehensive continuum of gender-responsive services to address the following areas:

  1. Trauma Treatment
  2. Life-Skills Training
  3. Alternative Education & Vocational Training
  4. Mental Health Treatment
  5. Domestic Violence Prevention
  6. Medical Services, Health Education
  7. Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  8. Substance Abuse Treatment
  9. Mentoring and Strengthening Families

Community planning and collaborations are vital in developing coordinated long-standing systems of care. Girls Court continues to mobilize community and professional support and partner with individuals and agencies from public and private sectors to better coordinate services for girls. Various organizations have generously provided their time and services in being part of the Girls Court’s efforts to augment female responsive services for at-risk girls.

Some of the organizations and programs that have supported the Girls Court Mission include:

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