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Girls Court girls met their Surfrider mentors on the beach at Waikiki. The theme for the day was "I practice the virtue of Patience on days of eternal calm reminding me to reflect. " Executive Director Dr. Kevin Fujimoto explained that was a good theme for the day as the waves were considered flat and we may have to wait before catching a wave. In that waiting time, sitting on the surfboard, we were to practice patience and reflect on the good benefits of the day. After surfing, the girls were treated to a bento lunch and spent time with their mentors to journal the events of the day. One of the surf days is dedicated to giving back. The girls become the mentors and teach little ones how to surf. In doing so, the girls learn patience, empathy, and the awesome feeling that comes with teaching someone to catch their first wave.

Surf 1
Surf 2
Surf 3

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