Reflections from the Hawai`i Girls Court Family

This page houses reflections, dreams and accomplishments from the girls, parents and staff of the Hawai`i Girls Court Program. As we grow, we are excited by the potential of information presented here.

Star Thrower

People sometimes ask us, “How worthwhile is the Girls Court Program when it only serves a small number of girls?"

This story, adapted from the Star Thrower by Loren Eisley, addresses the preceding question and reflects the Girls Court mission.

~ Rachel Yuen, Program Specialist

What do girls say about Girls Court?

What do parents say about Girls Court?

How would you say your parenting has changed since you began with Girls Court?"

Reflection from Emma Pavich (Program Therapist)

"Change happens and new growth emerges"... Looking back at our year together shows us many changes in all of our Girls Court Ohana. When we take time to look back on the year we have shared we take with us many memories of the good times we spent with each other. We acknowledge new ways of thinking and treating one another that have improved our lives and finally we have come to see and understand how important we are to one another and how connected we are to each other. I thank you all for being my teachers, for making me a better person for giving me memories I will always cherish. I wish you all continued success and happiness and invite you to continue dreaming big dreams, being great people and making every effort to create peace on our planet.

Ahuihou (until we meet again),

We proudly present the Art of Jani

We proudly present the Art of Jani

Jani participated in Girls Court's first cohort. After completion of the program in December 2005, she returned to the program to serve as a mentor to other girls.

While in the Girls Court program, Jani received her high school diploma. She is currently enrolled at the Leeward Community College. For fun, she takes art classes from art instructor Yolanta Strazdas.

The Camera and Photographer's Eye of Christianna

Christianna & ProjectFocus 2006

Girls Court member Christinanna participated in the 2006 ProjectFocus, a program which aims at enriching the lives of youth in need through the use of photography. This year’s program focused on the youth of Ohana Ola Kahumana in Wai‘anae. The youth were photographed in their own communities during the 12 week program, trained in photography basics, and given the assignment to photograph a significant person in their lives. The results were on display at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.

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